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Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanic Healing?
Shamanism describes indigenous practices that have been in place for millennia. The term shaman is from Tungus, a north Asian language, but the word has come to represent a broad range of cultural practitioners. Anthropologists believe that these practices may date back to some of the earliest humans on the planet. The fact that these techniques have survived all of the cultural, economic, political and religious changes that humanity has undergone, speak to their usefulness.

Weeds and Wellness

     Did you know.....Evening Primrose is an American herb that was brought to England in the 17th Century.  It was once called "King's Cure-All".
    Evening Primrose has a long history as a wild edible plant and has served as food and medicine for Native Americans and Europeans.  The Cherokee drank it as a tea for a slimming tonic and used the hot root externally as a hemorrhoid remedy.  Many others used it for pain relief and asthma.
    The oil from this plant is high in "GLA", an Essential Fatty Acid, also know as Omega 6, necessary for many important body functions.
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