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Did you know…. Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is associatedwith numerous legends of prolonged life? One legend is of a Chinese child emperor who was told he would not live past his teen years.  He searched for a remedy to prolong his life and chose a brew from Motherwort.  He drank this daily and lived to be 70 years of age.
                Motherwort is most commonly used for nervous heart problems such as palpitations and to prevent miscarriage or stress following childbirth.

Weeds & Wellness - Sheep Sorrel

Did you know… Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella) is another herb brought here by the English for a garden salad?  It is high in vitamin C and was used to prevent scurvy.  The fresh herb was also used for urinary and renal dis-eases. 
                Sheep Sorrel is a member of the ‘dock’ family of plants such as Burdock and Yellowdock and is characterized by its sour taste and arrow shaped leaves.
                The herb is reported to improve liver, intestinal and bowel function, prevent destruction of red blood cells and possibly break down tumors.

Survival List

        Did you know….there are many plants which grow wild, or have been cultivated for our flower beds,  that we could actually learn to SURVIVE on?  I have already written about some of these in previous articles, while others may be described more in depth in the future.                
       We hear a lot today about people stock piling food and other supplies in order to survive for an extended period of time.


Did you know…. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), also known as Milfoil, gets its name from Achilles, the Greek hero in the Trojan War?  It was used to heal the wounds of the soldiers.  The Ute Indians used it in a similar fashion, as their name for milfoil means “wound medicine”.  It was still used for the same purpose during the Civil War.
                In Ancient China the plant was sacred, thus it was used for the ancient system of divination called “I Ching” or “Oracle of Change”.

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