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Stone of the Week - Lapis Lazuli

Stone of the Week
Lapis Lazuli


(Normally This Article Would Be Weekly But, I Believe This Stone Is So Important That I am Going To Dedicate Two Weeks To It)

In Latin the name Lapis Lazuli means (Blue Stone). In my opinion, it is one of the best protection & intuition stones you will find & everyone should have one. This stone is truly a stone of divinity. It works to balance & awaken both, the third eye & throat chakras. As a result, it enhances one's ability to receive visual guidance as well as discerning & speaking the truth in all situations. These are some of the qualities that made this a favorite stone of the late, great Edgar Cayce. Lapis Lazuli is a stone for clairvoyance & helps facilitate precognition. In situations where foresight is your best defense, this is the stone you want to have on your person. Lapis Lazuli is truly a stone of the ancients. It was used to decorate the Pharaohs themselves, as well as the Tombs of the Kings & Queens of Egypt. It was prized by many other civilizations in ancient times as well, such as, Peru, Sumer, India, Greece, Rome, China & some believe even Atlantis. This stone acts as a special link for people that have past life connections to one or more of these civilizations. It smooths the transition into meditative & past life journeys & it allows one to identify patterns & lessons which may be blocking one from obtaining deep inner journey & spiritual growth. Lapis Lazuli also enhances intellectual ability making one a better student as well as teacher. It can help one learn more effectively & is excellent for enhancing ones memory. One of the special aspects of this stone is that it allows one to be able to open themselves enough to review their life & prepare for death, so that one can move to a higher level of awareness.

Earthly Treasures: Crystals & Gems

Can you Believeā€¦ Crystals and Gemstones are both minerals.
          A mineral can be a single element, such as Gold, or a complex compound of several elements, such as a Quartz Crystal.
          The atoms that make up minerals, and all matter in the Universe, are in constant motion. This motion affects the physical structure and energetic field of each stone.  The distinctive qualities and properties of each mineral are due to its chemical composition and the pattern arrangement of its atoms.

Stone of the Week! Moonstone!

Moonstone is the talisman for the inward journey, and meditation with it can take one deep into the self.  What is revealed there is often recognized as the missing piece of the puzzle of one's life - parts of the soul that have been left behind or forgotten.  It can reveal to women their feminine power.  For men, it allows the expression of the feminine side, an important step to wholeness.  Moonstone evokes patience and appropriate action.  Moonstone can help sort through one's emotions and gain higher perspective on their meaning and purpose.
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