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Did you know…. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), also known as Milfoil, gets its name from Achilles, the Greek hero in the Trojan War?  It was used to heal the wounds of the soldiers.  The Ute Indians used it in a similar fashion, as their name for milfoil means “wound medicine”.  It was still used for the same purpose during the Civil War.
                In Ancient China the plant was sacred, thus it was used for the ancient system of divination called “I Ching” or “Oracle of Change”.  Among early Christians, Yarrow was dedicated to St. John the Baptist, and on the eve of his saint’s day (June 23) sprigs of yarrow were placed in homes and churches to ward off evil.  The Irish believed Yarrow to be the first herb picked by Jesus, and thought it as lucky as the Shamrock.
                Milfoil (Yarrow) has a long history of numerous uses from lack of appetite, gas, liver & gallbladder problems,  bleeding, induce sweating, increase the flow of bile, to stabilizing blood pressure… just to name a few.  It is one of the 6 herbs combined as a recipe for blood pressure in John Lust’s book “The Herb Book”.  It is also used in cosmetic recipes for herbal vinegar hair rinse and salves
                While wild Yarrow can become and “invasive weed”, the tiny, pretty white flowers attract predatory wasps, which are beneficial insects because they eat the bugs that may invade your garden.  So it is a good practice to keep some nearby, at least on the outskirts of the garden.
                As a Flower Essence it helps those who are extremely vulnerable to outside influences.  As the Soul becomes more spiritually open, it also becomes more refined, sensitive and absorbent.  Yarrow is very important in harmonizing the spiritual path and the physical world.  It strengthens the aura and rebalances the upper chakras or energy centers, by directing the abundant light into the lower energy fields so they may have more vitality and solidity.
                Spiritually, Yarrow has the capacity to open the mind and the 7 Chakra to inspiration and revelations from the Divine.  It is cleansing to both body and aura to allow us to hear our own internal music.
                In the past, yarrow was referred to as Seven Year’s Love.  A bunch of Yarrow was hung over the honeymoon bed to symbolically ensure a couple’s vows for seven years, after which time the vows were renewed.
                 Maybe the renewal of our vows is the cure for the “Seven Year Itch”!
This article is for informational purposes only. 
Bright Blessings

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