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September 14, 2011
                Did you know…. Sage (Salvia officinale) got its name from the Latin word ‘salvere’ meaning “To Save”.  This attests to its early reputation as a “cure-all”, and that it would promote longevity. 
                As far back as the Middle Ages, sage was used to prevent the night sweats typical of tuberculosis.  It seems to reduce the secretion of fluids. Thus it is still used for night sweats (even hormonal), excess perspiration, clearing vaginal discharge, and drying up a mother’s milk.    Sage is reputed to have antiseptic properties when used externally.  In the 16 Century, Nicolas Culpeper prescribed sage tea as a mouthwash for sore gums. 
                It has been said to remove the gray from your hair, both by drinking the tea and using as a hair rinse.  Because of its fluid reduction properties, it also counteracts the formation of mucous, which could be beneficial at the onset of colds and flus.  The Chinese use it as a digestive tonic with calming properties.
The Native Americans and other cultures or religions, burn Sage ceremonially for both internal and external purification.  Sage opens the Sixth Chakra for greater centeredness.  Spiritually, Sage is used for healing, purification and prosperity.  Sage is ruled by Jupiter and its element is Earth.
In Aromatherapy, it is mentally stimulating and helps combat despair and mental fatigue.  It strengthens the vital centers of the body, balancing the pelvic or First Chakra, where negative emotions from denial and abuse are stored.
                As a Flower Essence, Sage enables us to learn and reflect on our own life experiences, enhancing the ability to experience deep inner peace and wisdom.  As we age, our Soul should be able to attain inner stability and a peaceful acceptance, otherwise life seems ill-fated and without purpose.  It is our own Inner Teacher!  Through Sage, the Soul becomes ‘in-touch’ with its own Spiritual purpose.  Those who were referred to as “Sages” in ancient times, were individuals of profound wisdom, and were sought out to heal and counsel others. 
                There are over 700 known species of sage.  Which explains some confusion with one of the species which became quite popular in recent years.  The herb named “Salvia” (Salvia miltiorhiza), is an oriental herb also referred to as Dang Shen.  This one is different than most other species, and is not as readily available at the average health food store.    I can only wonder how many poor, uninformed individuals actually searched out ‘bulk Salvia’ at their local herb shop, due to a misguided information, only to be sold a quantity of Salvia officinale.  One can only hope that they learned about all the wonderful uses of ‘Sage’ before becoming discouraged and discarding it. 
                This proves that it is necessary to understand exactly what you are looking for, when searching for anything you want in this life.  We would not dream of walking into an auto parts store and asking for a carburetor without knowing exactly which one we need.  Yet we do this all the time with something we put into our bodies.  Just like our vehicles… Nature does have Manuals.   Maybe we should seek out a “Sage” for guidance.
                                                This article is for informational purposes only. 
Bright Blessings
Pam Getz @ Amber Myst Alternatives

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