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Did you know…. Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) got its name from the Latin ‘confera’ meaning knitting together, and Greek ‘symphytum’ means growing together, because of its reputed power to make broken bones, and shallow wounds  heal more quickly.  Comfrey poultices are a long standing traditional home-remedy for sprains, bruises, and cuts, and the herb was commonly grown in cottage gardens.  Comfrey is said to not only promote healing, but further speed up the process by reducing inflammation. 
                Nicolas Culpeper, a 16 century herbalist,  attributed comfrey’s healing qualities to the fact that it is ruled by Saturn, planetary ruler of the skin and the skeleton.  It contains a high amount of allantoin, a substance that promotes the growth of tissue, bone, and cartilage.  Many old-time herbalists sang high praises of comfrey for both external and internal wounds, bruises and ulcers, for phlegm, spitting of blood, ruptures, hemorrhoids, etc.  For stomach ulcers and liver, the root was used.  It is precisely for these latter complaints that ‘Allantoin’ made from the rhizome of the plant, was later being prescribed. 
 In a book titled “Mother’s Remedies”,  published in 1915, the leaf from the comfrey plant  is noted as “you can readily find it at your local pharmacy”.  Now it is found in ‘alternative medicine’ stores. This book was compiled of “Over 1000 Tried and Tested Remedies from Mothers of the United States and Canada, along with Dr. T.J. Ritter, formerly of University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, MI.”
   HOWEVER, within the past few years, the FDA has determined that comfrey is NOT to be USED INTERNALLY. (Duly Noted…)
                As a Flower Essence it is a strong tonic for the nervous system.  It is said that when the brain tissues are destroyed by things such as a blow to the head or alcoholism, taking comfrey allows dormant or atrophied portions of the brain to be used.  It is also reported to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and may improve memory.  It has been used on animals within 12 hours of a significant injury in order to rebuild nerve connections.
                Comfrey is an herb of ‘wholeness’ and ‘putting pieces together’.  It reminds us to ‘complete the puzzle’.
Sometimes we scatter ourselves too far and lose touch with who we really are, and what is really important to us during our Earthly Adventure.  We need to focus on gathering our pieces together so we can focus on US.. right here, right now.
                This is another herb which was not native to America, but brought here by settlers which believed in its healing abilities enough to make sure it was included in their ‘luggage’ for that long boat ride to the “New World”.  Just one of those things… THEY WOULDN’T  LEAVE  HOME  WITHOUT  IT!!!
                This article is for informational purposes only. 
Bright Blessings
Pam Getz @ Amber Myst Alternatives

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