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Earthly Treasures: Crystals & Gems

Can you Believe… Crystals and Gemstones are both minerals.
          A mineral can be a single element, such as Gold, or a complex compound of several elements, such as a Quartz Crystal.
          The atoms that make up minerals, and all matter in the Universe, are in constant motion. This motion affects the physical structure and energetic field of each stone.  The distinctive qualities and properties of each mineral are due to its chemical composition and the pattern arrangement of its atoms.
           A very good and interesting example of this patterning is Diamond and Graphite.  Although their chemical composition is identical, they have different atomic patterns.  
          They are at opposite ends of the hardness scale, Diamonds being the hardest and Graphite being the softest.  Although their chemical composition is the same, the rate and vibration of the patterns creating them is different. Therefore you get a different stone altogether.
Many cultures around the world have revered the use of stones.  Chinese, Native American, and Celt’s, have all traditionally revered and used crystals and gemstones as tools for healing and spiritual purposes.
          Mythology and history abound with accounts of stones being used in a variety of ways, from healing common ailments… to protecting the wearer from dangers while traveling or in battle.
For example, the purple gem amethyst has been purported to protect against intoxication, to have a sobering effect on passions, and to quicken the intellect.
         The Bible mentioned in Exodus; Amethyst as one of the twelve jeweled stones on the breastplate worn by the High Priest Aaron, brother of Mosses, and Amethyst is still worn today by bishops in the Catholic Church.
Many cultures used stones in elixir’s and drinks, to get the healing properties from the stones.
         For example; Bloodstone was used in drink to help strengthen the heart, and bring energy and oxygen into the circulatory system, giving the person healing properties of purification, strength and vitality from the stones internally.
          Maybe we should think about it before we…”cast the first stone”.
Bright Blessings
Veronica Cooper
          Note; this article is for informational purposes only.  No other reasons are recommended nor implied.

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