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Weeds & Wellness
                Did you know… while "Herbalism" may not be a term you are too familiar with, it is present in your everyday life.  From the mustard on your hot dog, the marshmallows roasting in the campfire, the spices in your cupboard, the parsley garnish on your plate, the greens in your salad, to most of the plants in your yard.
                Historically there were various, but limited resources for treating injury and disease.  Some of the tools were crude operations, magic, prayer, music, psychotherapy, physical therapy, and remedies made with plants, animals, and minerals.  Plant remedies were most widely used and recorded.
                There are numerous publications as recent as the early 20th Century, where herbal & homeopathic remedies were considered "good old home remedies" that "mother and grandmother used so successfully."
                Homeopathic medicines were widely found in pharmacies and apothecaries.  Pharmacists and physicians alike were very knowledgeable in the herbal remedies.  It was not until the 1940's or 50's, with the emergence of the American Medical Association, that these remedies were deemed "untested" & "unsubstantiated" because they could not patent them.
                Just think about this… whole "new worlds" were discovered / conquered by Royal Sailing Vessels, while searching for simple "Spices"…  including ours!  The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria were heading for the West Indies in search of Cinnamon and other spices for the Queen of Spain.  They thought they had arrived at their destination… thus, the natives were called "Indians".
                                                                  Bright Blessings
                                                                      L. Linden
                                                             Amber Myst Alternatives

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