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Links about the product lines that we carry.
Now Foods
Click here to take a virtual tour of Now Foods Laboratories, and learn why Now Foods is one of the industry leaders!
Click the Link below to see all 5 youtube videos on
Virtual Tour of the finished product
virtual tour of the manufacturing area
virtual tour of the inventory & shipping area
virtual tour of the receiving area
Watch what you buy.
Not all products are created equal.
The link below is the response Now Foods made to an article that was publish by the Chicago Tribune July 1st. The article targeted the dietary supplement industry, stating that half were found to have unsanitary manufacturing facilities.
Gaia Herbs
Click here to see Gaia herbs company profile youtube video
 to check out Gaia's other youtube videos on
Gaia Herbs Echinacia research
Valerian Plants at Gaia
Seeding Process at Gaia Farm
Hawthorn Harvest at Gaia Farm
Nettle at Gaia Farm
Gaia Herbs Difference
Gaia Herbs Quick Defense Feature
Vaccination Links

Its not just about the mercury to find out more about the safety of vaccines and listen to a challenge put forth by Mary Tocco check out this Youtube video
Here is a link that is a wealth of information along with many important other links available on this site.
Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines
National Vaccine Information Center
Global Vaccine Institute
Vaccine Resource Guide
People Advocating Vaccine Education
Vaccine Information and Awareness
Watchdog Group - Citizens Commission on Human Rights International
Gardasil Vaccine Research
Drug Dangers
Petition / Action Items
Citizen's Petition

"I am deeply concerned about health and health freedom in the US under the continuing assault of both Codex Alimentarius and those domestic forces which seek to undermine my access to natural health promotion options (including nutritional supplements, natural remedies and clean, unadulterated food)."  Please click on the link below to read the information regarding this petition and why it is URGENT that any/all individuals sign it and FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT TO NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS before it is TOO LATE !!!

"Ear Candles" Targeted..

"Cease & Desist order against the manufacture / sale" of this age-old remedy... Believe us, its just the beginning... click on the link below to find information on the FDA's attack and what you can do. 
Local Area Links

WLKM ezauction, Find Amber Myst discounts on WLKM ezauction
Satori Salon and Spa, An all Natural Salon in Jones, Michigan.
Love Your Mother natural, organic, and recycled products in Three Rivers, Michigan. The Cycles of Earth by Larry-Michael and
Becky Lynn Hackenburg  Expo For Women - Healthy, Wealthy, Wise
Warsaw, IN Drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Manistee, MI.  Offering individual and holistic approach.

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